GE Oil & Gas and ISAAC Dynamics

Struttura Informatica is proud to announce that GE Oil & Gas (Florence, Italy) has recently purchased our simulation tool ISAAC Dynamics for dynamics analysis of its plants.
In collaboration with GE Oil & Gas, Struttura Informatica has developed a centrifugal compressor module, faithfully representing the actual machine under examination. Starting from the advanced modelling of the compressor and considering the actual compressor maps provided by the builder and successively edited by ISAAC Dynamics, the centrifugal compressor module is capable of following preloaded procedures representing load increases/decreases and emergency shutdowns.
The simulation did not concern only the compressor; it comprises the rest of the plant as well and in particular: knock-out drums, ISA/UGS valves and pipelines capable of taking into account the momentum of the gas.
The plants were simulated using our new real gas thermodynamic tables.


Real Gas Tables

Struttura Informatica has developed a new library in order to evaluate thermodynamic and transport properties of more than 100 real pure fluids, real gas mixtures and the most common refrigerant fluids. The new library is supplied with the following thermodynamic models: Peng-Robinson, NIST, GERG-04. It is possible to create graphs as well and interrogate the tables through a user-friendly interface.




fig 2

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Solar PACES 2015

Struttura Informatica attended the Solar Paces Conference in Cape Town (South Africa, 2015) and presented, in collaboration with Alstom Power Inc. – Windsor (Connecticut), the paper entitled “Transient simulation of molten salt central receiver”. The full article can be downloaded from the American Institute of Physics website clicking on the link


Transient simulation of molten salt central receiver for Alstom Power Inc.

Struttura Informatica developed for Alstom Power Inc., Windsor (Connecticut), a dynamic model capable to perform start-up, shutdown, and transient operation for a Molten Salt Central Receiver (MSCR) using the dynamic platform ISAAC Dynamics. The MSCR is subject to thermal transients during normal daily operation, a cycle that includes warmup, filling, operation, draining, and shutdown.

Alstom is developing Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) utilizing 60/40wt% NaNO3-KNO3 molten salt as the working fluid in a tower receiver for the global renewable energy market. In the CSP power generation cycle, receivers undergo a daily cyclic operation due to the transient nature of solar energy. Development of robust and efficient start-up and shut-down procedures is critical to avoiding component failures due to mechanical fatigue resulting from thermal transients, thus maintaining the performance and availability of the CSP plant.


Detailed study of steam sealing turbine line for GE Oil & Gas

Struttura Informatica has developed a dynamic model of Arenales steam sealing turbine line on ISAAC Dynamics platform.

This model has performed a detailed fluid-thermodynamic study on the whole steam line, with the purpose of delineate the trend of mass flow, pressure, temperature and heat loss.

Were also considered:

  • Variable environment conditions
  • Thermal insulation efficiency
  • Piping deadlines and condensates influences on main branches
  • Heat loss due to metallic pipe support


Customer: GE Oil & Gas

ISAAC Dynamics 2.4….coming soon

Our dynamics simulation platform, ISAAC Dynamics, keeps improving with a series of enhancements that will bring your simulation experience to the next level. In the first few months of the next year a new version of the platform (2.4) will be released with many new features that will allow an easier and faster development of dynamic models.


ESE s.r.l chooses ISAAC Dynamics

We are pleased to announce that ESE s.r.l, a dynamic engineering company active in various energy fields, adopted ISAAC Dynamics for dynamic simulation.
We would like to thank ESE team for sharing the experience had during the training course and we look forward to collaborate in the future.


Alstom Power Inc. chooses ISAAC Dynamics

Struttura Informatica is proud to announce that Alstom Power Inc. has recently purchased and introduced our simulation tool ISAAC Dynamics in Windsor facilities (Connecticut, USA).

Furthermore, Struttura Informatica has developed for Alstom a Molten Salt Central Receiver (MSCR) model capable of draining and refilling in order to perform a complete thermal-fluid analysis of the system in different working states.

We also had the opportunity to show the main features and capabilities of ISAAC Dynamics during a 5 day training course held at Alstom facilities in Windsor.

Struttura Informatica would like to thank the Alstom Power Inc. team for sharing its expertise at the training course and we look forward to the next collaboration.


Video section

Introduced new video section dedicated to ISAAC Dynamics!

In this section you will see many of the fundamental features of the tool and appreciate its great utility in the design and testing fase of a plant.

Struttura Informatica becomes part of the “Polo Tecnologico” of Navacchio

Struttura Informatica becomes part of the Polo Tecnologico of Navacchio together with other high-tech companies with the objectives of our offering even improve innovation and in view of the Horizon 2020.