Rock wool Piping analisys

Completed study of rockwool production plant that aims to remove the vibrations present in the feed pipe and in the discharge pipe of the jacket cooling of the furnace.

Were carried out the following activities:

  • Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of the part of the plant affected by the vibrations

  • Creating of a dynamic model (on platform ISAAC Dynamics) able to faithfully simulate the system in all its operating phases and to provide the profiles thermo-fluid dynamic and critical operating conditions

  • Identification of optimal operating conditions and changes to plant layout


Customer: STM-Technologies

Central Tower

Improvement of the new modules that allow you to simulate a solar field with a central tower with heliostats. The layout of the solar field will be sized directly from the tower with the ability to evaluate the losses and shading on the mirrors. We have carried out some test with different solar fields.


Water-Steam Cycle dynamic model with down/lift load operations

Development of a Water-Steam Cycle dynamic model with gas steam generator using Isaac Dynamics platform with analysis of plant behavior during the down load phase until 20% of nominal load and during the following phase of lift.


Three tank Storage (CSP)

In Marrakech we’ll be presenting a dynamic process model of a parabolic mirror and molten salt CSP plant with three tanks direct storage. This study was carried out in co-operation with the Technical Unit for Renewable Sources of Enea. The model was implemented using the fully dynamic platform Isaac Dynamics. It permits to investigate the real plant behaviour in order to perform a subsequent economic feasibility analysis.


CSP plant with operating procedures of exceptional drainage and refilling in collaboration with UTR of Enea

Definition of the dynamic model of a CSP plant capable of producing about 10 MWe. The model of the solar field is able to simulate well as the normal operating procedures also those extraordinary as draining and refilling. In the power block have been taken into account dynamic aspects such as the evaluation of the time needed for a proper grip of load and connection to the network.


Water-Steam Cycle dynamic model combined with a solar field based on Fresnel mirror technology

Development of a Water-Steam Cycle dynamic model in which the steam generator is combined with a solar field based on Fresnel mirror technology. This model permits a thermo-fluid dynamic analisys of the most critical points of the circuit implemented using Isaac Dynamics platform.


Long lasting dynamic simulation of a concentrating solar plant

It was carried out a feasibility study of a large size concentrating solar plant through long lasting dynamic simulation. The work commissioned by EGP and was implemented using Isaac Dynamics platform.



It was realized a Turbo Gas simulator fitted with four stages of compression, four stages of expansion, stack and HRSG. This model is equipped with start up and shut down procedures allowing to study in detail control procedures and to optimize the management of the plants.


ISCC Model

ISCC MODEL (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle System)

Struttura Informatica has developed, in cooperation with ENEA, a dynamic process model of an innovative ISCC plant (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle plant). The solar field generates more of 40 MWe from solar input and it is coupled with a combined cycle of 155MWe total capacity and located in a sunny Italian region (Sicilia) or in North Africa. It can provide very important indications on the process issues connected with the integration of the newest technologies.


Massa Martana CSP pilot plant


Techint S.p.A. commissioned to Struttura Informatica the development of the dynamic simulator of the pilot solar plant, which is under contruction in Massa Martana (Perugia) by Consortium Solare XXI.
In this pilot plant the linear parabolic trough technology is combined with the use of a heat transfer fluid consisting in a molten salt mixture ( NaNO3 – KNO3 ).
A “stand alone” dynamic simulator has been realized for both functional plant areas:

  • Solar field
  • Water-Steam system

As well as the complete plant simulator.


This work was presented at perpignan solarpaces 2010.