Solar PACES 2015

Struttura Informatica attended the Solar Paces Conference in Cape Town (South Africa, 2015) and presented, in collaboration with Alstom Power Inc. – Windsor (Connecticut), the paper entitled “Transient simulation of molten salt central receiver”. The full article can be downloaded from the American Institute of Physics website clicking on the link


Marrakech – Solar Paces 2012

In Marrakech we’ll be presenting a dynamic process model of a parabolic mirror and molten salt CSP plant with three tanks direct storage. This study was carried out in co-operation with the Technical Unit for Renewable Sources of Enea. The model was implemented using the fully dynamic platform Isaac Dynamics. It permits to investigate the real plant behaviour in order to perform a subsequent economic feasibility analysis.

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Our article on PD-based membranes has been published on the “International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control”

Our article “Validation of a dynamic model of hydrogen permeation through Pd-based membranes”, edited in cooperation with the Technical Unit for Nuclear Fusion of ENEA’s Laboratory in Frascati (Rome), has been published on the “International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control” (Elsevier 2011).

Validation of a dynamic model of hydrogen permeation through Pd-based membranes

This work reports about the results of the study, development and experimental validation of some innovative dynamic models (time depending) of Pd-based membranes for the separation of hydrogen by means of atomic permeation.

Trondheim CCS Conference 2011

In 14/16 june 2011 Struttura Infromatica was present at the 6° CCS Trondheim Conference presenting a work about the modeling of a water gas shift membrane reactor. Downlad full presentation.

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ISCC Project – Granada 2011

The dynamic model of an hypothetical plant with a solar field able to generate more than 40 MWe from solar input, coupled to a combined cycle of about 155 MWe of total capacity and located in a sunny region of Italy (e.g.Sicily) or of North Africa has been therefore developed in order to be a valuable tool for further feasibility studies.

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Special issue ‘Clean Coal’ – Il Mondo nr.17/2010

The special issue ‘Clean Coal’ enclosed to the economic review Il Mondo nr.17 (April 23rd 2010), has hosted a contribution by Struttura Informatica’s Senior Process Engineer Mr. Angelo Rossi, reporting about the potentialities and results of the dynamic process modeling applied to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies.

SI – Articolo Speciale CCS

Perpignan – SolarPaces2010

Struttura Informatica attended the 16th SolarPaces International Conference that was held in Perpignan (France). Within the Conference, Struttura Informatica presented DYSAL Projet results, a process complete dynamic simulator  of  a molten salt plant, commissioned by Techint E&C SpA.

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CCS ZeroEmission Rome 2009

For the second time Struttura Informatica was present at the ZeroEmissionRome2009 fair, were its studies, solutions and models for the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) have been presented. At the Conference Struttura Informatica has shown the results of a project which aimed to experimentally validate the dynamic models of separation system of CO2 and hydrogen.

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ZeroEmission Rome 2009

Struttura Informatica has been attending the ZeroEmissionRome2009 fair. During the Conference related to the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies Struttura Informatica presented the results of the validation of its CSP models and components. The activity was performed with the contribution of ENEA.

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Vth CCS Conference – Trondheim 2009

At the 5th CCS Conference in Trondheim (Norway) Struttura Informatica has presented the results of a study, performed with the contribution of ENEA, related to an advanced model of Pd/Ag membranes for hydrogen separation.

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