GE Oil & Gas and ISAAC Dynamics

Struttura Informatica is proud to announce that GE Oil & Gas (Florence, Italy) has recently purchased our simulation tool ISAAC Dynamics for dynamics analysis of its plants.
In collaboration with GE Oil & Gas, Struttura Informatica has developed a centrifugal compressor module, faithfully representing the actual machine under examination. Starting from the advanced modelling of the compressor and considering the actual compressor maps provided by the builder and successively edited by ISAAC Dynamics, the centrifugal compressor module is capable of following preloaded procedures representing load increases/decreases and emergency shutdowns.
The simulation did not concern only the compressor; it comprises the rest of the plant as well and in particular: knock-out drums, ISA/UGS valves and pipelines capable of taking into account the momentum of the gas.
The plants were simulated using our new real gas thermodynamic tables.


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