Structure of the ISAAC Dynamics development tool

The basic module includes:

  • Dynamic solver: based on the Newton-Raphson method, operates in dual precision and with variable integration step;

  • User’s development interface: allows user to easily create network models interconnected through logical connections of block library modules;

  • Simulation system scheduler: used to construct an interconnected system of several models able to manage large size simulators;

  • Man-Machine Interface (MMI), first level: used to check the dynamic behavior of the components through the topology of the model, the generation of controlled disturbance in the system and the display of real time values for each individual component.

The library module comprises:

  • thermodynamic tables for water/steam, synthesis gases, molten salts, CSP oils;

  • set of libraries for Power plants (valves, pipelines/headers, heat exchangers, pumps, turbines etc.) relevant to water/steam and synthesis gases;

  • set of specific libraries for CSP systems (solar mirror; absorder tube; tanks, valves, pipelines/header, heat exchangers, pumps etc.) relevant to molten salts and CSP oils.

Take a look to the  ISAAC Dynamics Product Tour to learn more.