Struttura Informatica is active in both the software development and the production of mathematical.

Struttura Informatica is engaged both in the software development and in the production of mathematical models of power plants and chemical Reactors. The experience, gained over the years with our customers in steady and dynamic modeling, has led the company to develop a set
of software and models that can reproduce very accurately the dynamics of a system or of a physical phenomenon.

Taking advantage of professionals who have worked in large-scale research center, our goal is to provide products with high scientific / technical contents and to build models always validated by our partners or directly with our customers.

For years, Struttura Infromatica has worked at models relating to various scientific fields and realized numerical solution algorithms on different computing platforms, both commercial (as Aspen, Simulink,…) and proprietary customer platform.

To fulfill customers requests, we have developed a collection of products that enable a full management of a plant in an easy way.